Bicycle & Motorcycle Dynamics 2023

Symposium on the Dynamics and Control of Single Track Vehicles
18-20 October 2023, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands

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New Proceedings and Review Model

BMD 2023 is partnering with TU Delft OPEN Publishing so that we can introduce enhancements to our conference proceedings review and publishing process as well as finally have a formal proceedings publication. TU Delft OPEN Publishing is an open access university publisher providing a free-to-publish model with Creative Commons licensing, transparent recognition, and no royalties. The proceedings will be published in their "The Evolving Scholar" open access journal which is powered by Orvium, a journal management and publishing software.

This partnership provides these enhancements:

  • Peer reviewed and archived abstracts and papers (DOIs issued for both)
  • Published and indexed open access conference proceedings (prior examples)
  • We will be part of the The Evolving Scholar powered by Orvium project and receive review and publishing support
  • Open peer review process powered by Orvium software
  • Conference community platform powered by Orvium for announcements, submission, reviews, and online interaction

See below for details on submitting your abstracts and papers.

Important Dates

Description Date & Time
Conference Abstract Deadline February 28, 2023 [23:59 UTC]
Extended Simulator Workshop Abstract Deadline March 7, 2023 [23:59 UTC]
Notification of Acceptance & Registration Open May 1, 2023
Revised Abstract Deadline June 30, 2023 [23:59 UTC]
Early Bird Registration Deadline August 15, 2023 [23:59 UTC]
Paper Deadline September 15, 2023 [23:59 UTC]
Last day to register w/ dinner included October 5th, 2023
Paper peer review deadline December 1, 2023
Final peer review revision deadline March 15, 2023


Topics include but are not limited to: single track vehicles (e.g. bicycles, motorcycles, scooters), narrow track and tilting vehicles, unicycles, dicycles (e.g. Segways and hoverboards), modeling, kinematics and dynamics, control, human control, rider properties, handling qualities, tires, experiments, aerodynamics, simulators, nonholonomic dynamics, robot riders, path following.


Orvium is a journal management and publishing software. All abstracts, papers, and reviews will all be visible on our Orvium conference community page. Conference authors and reviewers will create an account on Orvium. There you will be able to submit abstracts, papers, and anonymized reviews.

Publication related announcements including reviews, acceptance/rejection, and revision requests will all be communicated via the Orvium platform.


If you would like to present your work at the conference, you must submit an abstract of maximum 2 pages that describes the research you wish to present by February 28, 2023 [23:59 UTC]. Please state clear objectives, results, and conclusions and cite applicable references.

You must use the provided templates and submit your abstract as an .odt, .docx, or .zip file containing the LaTeX source files to our Orvium Community. Your "preprint" abstract will be publicly viewable on Orvium after a editorial check. Following submission, your abstract will be reviewed by the scientific committee and ranked for relevance and quality for inclusion in the conference. The anonymized reviewer comments will be publicly viewable as part of our open peer review process.

Based on the reviews, your abstract will be either accepted and selected for a podium or a poster presentation or it will be rejected. The organizing committee will make all final decisions based on topical fit, scientific committee reviews, and conference capacity.

For accepted abstracts, you will be required to revise your abstract based on the reviews and submit a final version by June 30, 2023 [23:59 UTC]. The revised version will be printed in the book of abstracts as well as published in the final conference proceedings alongside the papers. Major content updates to the extended abstracts will be rejected, please only apply formatting corrections, clarifications, and technical soundness improvements.


If your abstract is accepted you will be assigned to either a 15 minute oral presentation (+5 min Q&A) or a poster presentation. Oral presenters will have access to a standard projection screen for showing slides. Your poster will be attached to a poster board on the first conference day and visible for the duration of the conference and during the poster session.


All accepted authors may optionally submit a paper of length 6-12 pages which expands on your abstract by September 15, 2023 [23:59 UTC]. This paper will undergo a post-conference peer review and, if the paper passes the review by a to-be-announced deadline, it will be published in the conference proceedings book. The papers (all versions) and their anonymized reviews will be available publicly on the The Evolving Scholar powered by Orvium conference community page for the conference as well as during and after the review process.

Published Proceedings

The proceedings (revised abstracts and peer reviewed papers) will be formally published as an online open access book by TU Delft OPEN Publishing. The book will be assigned an ISBN/ISSN, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), and be indexed by services such as Google Scholar, the Directory of Open Access Books, and OpenAire.

Open Peer Review

Anonymized reviewer comments will be publicly viewable alongside the abstracts and papers on the Orvium conference community page.

How To Submit Via Orvium

New Abstract or Paper

  1. Download the template below and draft your abstract or paper.
  2. Create an account on Orvium (registering via an ORCID account is recommended).
  3. After you are logged into Orvium, click the blue "New Publication" button in the upper right corner.
  4. In the "New Publication" popup, select the "Create" tab, select the "The Evolving Scholar - BMD 2023, 5th Edition" community, type a title, and then press the "Create" button.
  5. In the next screen, fill out the complete information and metadata for your submission.
    • The "Title" field should match the title in your extended abstract or paper.
    • Publication type should be "Extended abstract" or "Conference paper".
    • For "Extended abstract" add a couple of descriptive sentences in the "Abstract" field. For "Conference paper" add your full abstract (which is also included in the paper itself).
    • Fill in the keywords and discipline to fit your submission.
    • The license should be CC-BY.
    • Add your authors to the authors section.
    • Ignore the "DOI" and "References" fields.
    • Press "Save" and then upload your .odt, .docx, or .zip file to the "Publication File" section. Do not submit a .pdf file. A PDF will be generated by Orvium from your LibreOffice, MS Word, or LaTeX files.
  6. Press the "Save" button at any time to save your work before final submission.
  7. When your paper information and .odt, .docx, or .zip upload is finalized, press "Submit".

Revision of Abstract or Paper

If you are submitting a revision of your abstract or paper:

  1. Log into Orvium.
  2. Select "My Publications" on the left.
  3. Click on the abstract/paper you want to revise.
  4. Click the "Create revision" button on the top right (just below "New Publication").
  5. Follow steps 5-7 above to submit the revision.

Videos and help for using Orvium are available in the Orvium website.


Follow the instructions within the template to prepare your document. We will only accept submissions that follow the instructions because other file types or designs will not be compatible with the Orvium publishing system.

Please report any issues with the templates at:

Paper Templates

Libre/OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, and LaTeX templates for the conference papers can be downloaded from these links:

Extended Abstract Templates

Libre/OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, and LaTeX templates for the conference abstracts can be downloaded from these links:

Poster Templates

There is no template for the poster, however you should include the BMD conference header reported in the paper template, with the conference name, location and dates. The maximum size of the poster is A0 (841x1189mm).

Workshop Abstract Templates

There is no template for the workshop abstract.

Extended Abstract Review Template

Reviewers should use the template below for reviewing abstracts. Submit one filled sheet per review on Orvium. You can use odt or docx.


Awards will be given for the best posters and the best presentations by popular vote. Conference attendees will vote with the tickets in their conference badge: 1 vote for posters, 1 vote for presentations, 1 box, 2 colors, 1 per genre.

Best overall (not only students) presentation 250€ Two best student presentations (Innovation and dissemination) 200€ and 150€
Best overall (not only students) poster 200€ Two best student posters (Innovation and style) 150€ and 100€

Voting criteria are listed below and scores are between 1 to 10:

  • Innovation
  • Societal impact
  • Dissemination
  • Style (the slide deck or the poster)